Q-Stat®Electrostatic Dust Mop 24"x5" Blue Tie-On

Q-Stat®Electrostatic Dust Mop 24"x5" Blue Tie-On


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Use the power of static cling with the Q-Stat Electrostatic Dust Mop. Keep the hallways and aisles clean and free of dust and grime. Commercial duty dust mop that never requires any type of dust mop treatment. Dust is collected and retained by static cling and the unique twisted yarn in the Q-Stat dust mop. Widely used in schools, universities, office buildings, warehouses, shopping centres and more.

  • Made with 100% acrylic twisted yarn
  • Will not fray, tangle, unravel or lint
  • Non-shrinking polyester backing
  • Withstands heavy use & repeated commercial launderings

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