Pezz Tech "Grinder Jar"
Pezz Tech "Grinder Jar"

Pezz Tech "Grinder Jar"

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"NO GRINDER? NO PROBLEM!" We got you covered.

Innovative Engineering

The custom design is multi-functional and is an eco-friendly solution to single use packaging. Consumers can continue to use the jar as a grinder after their initial purchase!

Production Flexibility

The Grinder Jar can be manufactured using 100% recyclable polypropylene (PP) or post consumer recycled resin (PCR). It is also a Health Canada certified child resistant container (CRC).

Unique Brand Image

The proprietary multi-functional design provides a unique brand image, setting your product apart from the rest!

Brand Exposure Opportunity

Using the Grinder Jar as your packaging solution will give your brand additional exposure since consumers keep the packaging for its secondary use.

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