Hydrofogger Standard - Humidifier

Hydrofogger Standard - Humidifier


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Hydrofogger Humidifier

Humidification is critical for most production businesses. Often overlooked, maintaining the proper relative humidity level can reduce or eliminate a host of manufacturing problems. This can lead to increased production, increased product quality, and increased profits. The Hydrofogger is the ideal solution for mid-size humidification. With a coverage up to approximately 4500 ft per unit (depending on humidity level desired), the Hydrofogger produces the humidification you need simply, quietly, and efficiently.
  • Measures 17.25" tall (with fogging head) x 14" in diameter
  • Dry weight is 15.25 lbs
  • Coverage is up to 2000 ft2, depending on humidification requirements and ceiling height
  • Output is approximately 1.05 gallons per hour
  • Circulates 340 cubic feet per minute (cfm)
  • Standard Voltage is 115V/60Hz (Fits into standard three-prong outlet)
  • Power consumption is very low--0.9 amps
  • Industrial-Grade Motor
  • Comes with internal float valve to maintain proper water level
  • Reservoir Pan Capacity is 2.1 quarts
  • Operates at 62 dBA

IMPORTANT: The humidity coming out of your Hydrofogger is only as good as the water you put into it. To prevent the spread of micro-organisms in your environment and to avoid calcium and magnesium build-up, it is recommended to use water that has been filtered by reverse osmosis.

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