Dissolved Oxygen Generator ESP-150
Dissolved Oxygen Generator ESP-150

Dissolved Oxygen Generator ESP-150


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Roots need oxygen to thrive. Higher levels of dissolved oxygen raise a plant’s overall health resulting in increased production. Delivering high levels of oxygen in an organic way has been very difficult until now. Enrichment Systems makes Nanobubbles simple with the ESP-150.

35+ PPM Dissolved Oxygen at Altitude

80 Gallons Per Minute

100% Happier Plants


Enrichment System's team of experts engineered the ESP-150 to specifically utilize Nanobubble technology to give plants the ultimate boost. Higher levels of dissolved oxygen delivered through nanobubbles increases plant vigor, nutrient uptake and root zone health. Additional benefits include drought tolerance, ease of transition shock, as well as decrease in root disease and more. Our nanobubbles give plants the ability to take in more nutrients which results in top tier plants.

what is a nanobubble?

Nanobubble is a commonly used term for “ultra fine” bubbles, which the International Standards Organization (ISO) defines as bubbles smaller than 1 µm (micron), which is equal to 0.001 mm, or about 0.000039 inch. Nanobubbles have unusual physical properties. They are not buoyant, and therefore can remain in liquid suspension for weeks or months, depending on altitude and temperature. This stability in water enables oxygen nanobubbles to travel lengthy distances with only moderate degradation. Enrichment Systems uses nanobubble technology to encourage the highest standard of plant production and health.


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