Aroya CLIMATE ONE - (Aspirated Climate Station Add On)
Aroya CLIMATE ONE - (Aspirated Climate Station Add On)
Aroya CLIMATE ONE - (Aspirated Climate Station Add On)
Aroya CLIMATE ONE - (Aspirated Climate Station Add On)

Aroya CLIMATE ONE - (Aspirated Climate Station Add On)


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CLIMATE ONE Aspirated Climate Station - Incl. Accessory Kit


The roots are only half the battle. Master climate cues like VPD and CO2 to steer a clear course to dense, potent, top-quality bud. Dial in your atmosphere for accelerated nutrient uptake, improved plant respiration, and stronger growth when and where you need it. 

Measures air temperature, relative humidity, vapor pressure deficit, and ambient CO2.



    • CLIMATE ONE climate station
    • Climate station accessory kit
      • Adjustable hanging cable with mounting hooks
      • 10’ power cable (PoE 802.11AF)
    • AROYA Gateway
      • 4’ ethernet cable
      • Standard outlet 120V power adapter


    • Air temperature data: Accurate and precise temperature data is crucial for reliable VPD calculations. Go beyond your average thermometer with measurements accurate to ±0.7˚C.
    • Relative humidity data: Another key measurement to get right when calculating VPD. CLIMATE ONE provides research-grade RH data for top quality VPD calculations.
    • Vapor pressure deficit (VPD): CLIMATE ONE’s precise RH and temperature measurements are automatically processed into VPD data – no math necessary.
    • Ambient CO2 data: CLIMATE ONE gives quick, accurate, reliable CO2 measurements to ensure cultivators don’t miss opportunities to supplement – or overdo it and endanger the grow (and the people in it).
    • Aspirated design: Designed specifically for indoor cultivation scenarios, CLIMATE ONE continuously circulates air past internal sensors to collect representative data at all times.
    • Continuous, reliable data: CLIMATE ONE takes readings and syncs them to the AROYA platform every three minutes, 24/7, to give you a clear and complete picture.
    • Built for AROYA: Connects seamlessly to AROYA software for both AROYA GO and AROYA enterprise users. Syncs data automatically and reliably.
    • Rugged, long lasting design: Adapted from the same rugged stations used in extreme conditions by NOAA and the US Weather Service, CLIMATE ONE is ready for any indoor cultivation enviroment.
    • Small station, huge data: CLIMATE ONE packs the complete suite of climate data sensors into a design the size of a coffee mug – ideal for compact grow tents and massive greenhouses alike.
    • Perfect positioning: Included adjustable pulley and mounting hooks ensure you can set your CLIMATE ONE in precisely the right location with ease.

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