1000w HPS Double Ended Bulb By AUVL
1000w HPS Double Ended Bulb By AUVL
1000w HPS Double Ended Bulb By AUVL
1000w HPS Double Ended Bulb By AUVL

1000w HPS Double Ended Bulb By AUVL


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Grow Green 2.2 - AUVL 1000 Watt High Pressure Sodium Double Ended Bulb

Made in Germany

Product description

The undisputed flagship lamp is the GROW GREEN NH 1000 Watt, 400 Volt high-pressure sodium lamp.

GROW GREEN lamps deliver high quantities of PAR light and have a long average service life.

Combined with a high-quality DE fixture, maximum yield is guaranteed.

The striking factor shown by the McCree curve is that plants use red light more efficiently for photosynthesis than other light colors.

This means that grow lamps that emit relatively high quantities of red light will achieve higher levels of photosynthesis than lamps of the same intensity that emit less red light. GROW GREEN lamps have been developed with this in mind; they efficiently convert the electricity used into growth light in the most useful spectrum.

AUVL lamps have been tested with all common electronic and magnetic ballast, meaning that they are guaranteed to be compatible with your system! Provided that they are installed professionally, AUVL spotlights can be operated in all leading lamps.

Excellent radiation over the service life, not to mention the significant light yield, provide the greenhouse owner or hobby gardener with optimum economic viability and an improved harvest yield across a multitude of areas of use.

However, don’t just take our word for it: make your own comparisons and you’re sure to be won over by the AUVL lamps’ high performance. High qualtity, made in Europe“ product quality is synonymous with high-performance and reliable greenhouse lamps.

AUVL vouches for this and provides a guarantee as such. For the established GROW GREEN 2.2 NH 1.000 W, 400 V lamp, AUVL guarantees a useful service life of 10.000 hours with the use of electronic ballast, with an average irriadation current of 1.925 μmol over the lamp’s service life. The PAR for this first-class product, measured at 100 hours, is some 2.100 μmol.



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