The Cure Puck
The Cure Puck
The Cure Puck

The Cure Puck


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Well Cured Cannabis is Better Cannabis! Period.

Experience the Full Potential of your Harvest!

Many months have been spent carefully crafting the finest cannabis possible.
The final weeks can make the difference between the best and the rest.

Introducing the Cure Puck

The Cure Puck helps ensure perfect curing every time by measuring key indicators in the headspace, the environment in the curing room and automatically burping containers when required.

Vent gases in a precise and controlled way to maximize the benefits of curing.

Stabilize Water Activity

Experience the ideal balance in your cannabis with Cure Puck’s advanced IoT technology that stabilizes water activity, allowing for a perfectly cured and preserved product. By maintaining the optimal water activity, Cure Puck ensures that your cannabis stays fresh and sticky.

Improve Flower Quality and Consistency

Cure Puck enhances flower quality and consistency by precisely controlling the curing process. Create premium grade cannabis with an improved burn, taste, aroma and shelf life resulting in an elevated user experience.

Automate the Process

Streamline your cannabis curing process with automation. Eliminate guesswork and manual adjustments by allowing the Cure Puck to automatically burp containers when necessary, ensuring a consistent and precise cure every time.


  • Real time monitoring of container headspace
  • Real time monitoring of room environment
  • High Accuracy Replaceable Sensors
  • Automatic Burping
  • User defined recipes
  • Notification System
  • WiFi Enabled
  • Battery Backup
  • Web App (Coming Soon)

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