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One-Step Disinfectant Cleaner

SHYIELD™ Ready To Use Wipes utilize Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide ®, a patented and synergistic blend of commonly used ingredients, that when combined with low levels of hydrogen peroxide dramatically increase its efficacy and cleaning performance.


  • 12 x 160 wipe count (Pre-Saturated Wipes)
  • 6" x 7” wipe size
  • Certificates of Analysis (CoA) available upon request.


  • SHELF LIFE: 2 Years (Opened/Unopened)


  • Fungicidal: 3 Min
  • Broad-Spectrum Sanitizing: 30 Sec
  • Bactericidal: 3 Min
  • Tuberculocidal: 3 Min
  • Virucidal: 3 Min


  • Cannabis Production Facilities
  • Testing Laboratories
  • Processing Areas
  • Clean Rooms
  • Packaging Areas


  • Preparation Tables
  • Racking and Lighting
  • Processing Equipment
  • Handheld Trimmers

Can I use SHYIELD™ disinfectant wipes to remove built up resins on tools/trimmers?

SHYIELD™ disinfectant wipes are great for use on surfaces and rooms containing plants because pre-moistened wipes eliminate the aerosolization of product. SHYIELD wipes are effective at cleaning and disinfecting handheld trimmers, and all other processing equipment between lots, or when there is a buildup. SHYIELD™ wipes will clean and disinfect tools in 1 easy step removing any stuck on residue. Following a wipe, rinse with IPA or sterile water to fully remove any unwanted residues and ensuring proper cleaning and disinfection.

Where can I use SHYIELD™ disinfectant wipes?

SHYIELD™ one step cleaner disinfectant wipes are ideal for high touch surfaces in both Low-Risk and High-Risk areas of your facility. Pre-soaked wipes do not aerosolize the product and can be used on inanimate surfaces while plants are still in the room along with trimmers and equipment. The 3 minute contact time allows for one application to be effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi and viruses. Wipes will remove soils as well as disinfecting in one step. On surfaces with direct contact with plants, wipe or rinse with IPA or sterile water to remove any residual surfactants and ensure the surface has been disinfected and cleaned.

Would I experience streakiness when using SHYIELD™?

Streaking on stainless steel or glass after using SHYIELD™ is caused by the surfactants (detergents) in the solution. SHYIELD™ does not leave behind any active residues, therefore the streakiness is solely due to the surfactants. If streakiness is an aesthetic concern, it can be easily eliminated by wiping surfaces down with water or IPA after the appropriate contact time is achieved.

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