Silamol Bio-available Silicon 1L (case of 6)
Silamol Bio-available Silicon 1L (case of 6)

Silamol Bio-available Silicon 1L (case of 6)


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So many benefits!

  • promotes growth
  • protects against heat stress
  • minimizes effects from powdery mildew, botrytis and pests
  • increases yield
  • improves nutrient transport
  • strengthens cell walls

Silamol® is a concentrated form of instantly available liquid Potassium Silicate, which forms [Si(OH)4] upon dilution, approved for use on greenhouses crops and domestic potted plants, to alleviate abiotic stresses such as water deficiency, Cadmium, Manganese and Aluminum toxicity stress, as well as Phosphorous deficiency stress.

Registered for use on cannabis.

SILAMOL is consistently demonstrated as a powerful tool for cannabis growers. The silicic acid in SILAMOL has a positive affect on mineral uptake and assimilation which overall increases plant health and natural resistance. Cannabis growers see better internal water distribution and overall plant structure. Typical benefits include: better nutrient absorption, overall yield increase, better mineralization and nutrition, reduced rot and loss from pests.

SILAMOL performs very well on cannabis and growers see positive effects after just a few applications. Silicic acid needs to accumulate over time in order to achieve maximum results but is only applied once each week. In addition, several effects (like mildew resistance) is partly due to continuous availability of silicic acid in the plant tissue, so repetitions are necessary. Growers also see reduced powdery mildew and/or fungal pressure. 

Registration number 2008012A Fertilizers Act

Size: 1L
Case 6 x 1L

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