Politique d'expédition


Unless specifically referenced as "included" in the estimate, proposal or invoice for this transaction, shipping charges are additional and may be invoiced separately, or added to the final invoice, once all of the equipment has been delivered.

Freight, Delivery, and Storage Terms

Customer is responsible for unloading and securely storing all materials and equipment shipped to the job site.

In order to lower your costs, Growhaus may have your equipment shipped directly from the manufacturer to you. This not only saves time, but decreases shipping costs.

Customer is responsible for unloading these direct shipped items.

Once the delivery company has accepted the material, the recipient receiving the shipment is responsible if there is any damage or loss. Therefore, should materials received from vendors other than Growhaus be damaged, Customer is to refuse shipment to ensure timely replacement. Should damaged shipments be accepted, Customer is responsible for filing freight claim with freight forwarder. Growhaus will make all reasonable efforts to assist in submitting damage claims.

If a non-damaged shipment is refused for any reason, Customer agrees to reimburse Growhaus for any loss, including production, shipping and materials costs.

Please be very attentive when the equipment is being unloaded and inspect carefully for any freight damage, as well as confirming receipt of all items listed on the Packing List or Bill of Lading. The driver may be in a rush but this is a crucial element of the delivery and one that must be completed. Once the driver has departed with a signature from you or your representatives confirming receipt of all items listed, it then becomes your responsibility if there are any missing or damaged items. Growhaus will order equipment to be shipped directly from the manufacturer's loading docks to you and Growhaus will rely upon the signed Packing List or Bill of Lading to confirm your acceptance of equipment.

We would strongly recommend that whoever accepts delivery take multiple pictures of the equipment at various stages of the unloading, starting at the onset of the delivery, including pictures of the equipment still on the truck. If there is any shipping damage noted after unpacking, please take multiple pictures of the damaged item(s) in the original packaging. This is important as there may be a limited time frame to claim back any damages and pictures will greatly assist in filing a damage claim. PLEASE DO NOT ACCEPT DELIVERY OF VISIBLY DAMAGED ITEMS. Have the driver note on the Bill of Lading or Shipping Documents that you are returning or refusing the damaged items and make sure it is noted on your copy as well.

Remember, you may need a forklift! If you do not have one, or cannot arrange for one, please notify Growhaus and we will do our best to accommodate and assist.

Claim Policy Guidelines for missing or damaged items:

  • A sales or shipping department representative of Growhaus must be contacted to process a claim based on damaged or missing materials.

  • If the claim is for replacement of damaged material. Documentation and photos shall be submitted indicating proof of damage. We request a driver signature, acknowledging damage on provided Bill of Lading (BOL).

  • If a claim is requested for missing material, an evaluation will be conducted to determine reason for occurrence.

  • Claims must be submitted within 3 days of receipt for damaged material. It is critical to inspect shipment immediately.

  • Claims must be submitted within 30 days of receipt for missing material. It is critical to inspect shipment immediately.

  • Return of any material must be approved by Growhaus management and assigned a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. Shipments may be refused without assigned RMA number.