FOGCO Revolution® II Humidification Fan 115/230V Ceiling Mount
FOGCO Revolution® II Humidification Fan 115/230V Ceiling Mount

FOGCO Revolution® II Humidification Fan 115/230V Ceiling Mount


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Optimize Your Cannabis Production With A Grow Room Humidifier System

There’s no doubt about it—the industrial cannabis production industry is growing. 

Growers understand how important climate control is for cannabis cultivation and the challenges associated with it. Like all plants, cannabis breathes carbon dioxide (CO2) by opening its stomata—or, better known as, its pores. When these pores open, water is released from the plant and into the microclimate after traveling throughout its entire body. 

Plants are a lot like humans—they need water to thrive and survive. Low humidification levels can cause the cannabis plant to dehydrate and die due to the lack of water vapor. That’s why implementing a proper humidification system during the earliest stages of a cannabis plant’s life is crucial for successful growth.  Maintaining the proper vapor pressure deficit (VPD) throughout the process will allow for ultimate yields and quality.

When you install the FOGCO Revolution® II - 115V Ceiling Mount, you will experience a product unlike any other type of mist fan. With the Revolution®II, you can finally experience a fan that produces a full 360 degree air stream. The Revolution® disperses the air stream on a 360 degree plane around the perimeter of the unit and parallel to the ground.  This produces a spray from each mist nozzle is carried in a different direction creating a more effective distribution of the fog providing superior performance and improved humidity control technology.

Don’t go another day without taking advantage of everything our humidity control fans have to offer. Order your Revolution®II - 115V Ceiling Mount today or contact the team at Growhaus if you have any questions!

  • Includes a 250 CFM humidification misting fan
  • Disperses mist up to 20’ and can cover up to 900 square feet
  • Is available as a ceiling mount 

The Revolution II does not come with nozzles but in most cases is used with our .008” stainless steel cleanable anti-drip nozzles.

All Fogco humidification fans require the addition of a high pressure 1,000 psi pump to achieve ideal performance.

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 10 in

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