The Original DripCap
The Original DripCap

The Original DripCap


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Save 30% in watering and nutrient costs! DripCaps are a USA and internationally patented water and fertilizer conservation tool, designed for commercial greenhouse and hobby growers. They are used as a vapor barrier cover for any and all types of growing mediums. Besides being used on square blocks, they can also be used on/or in square pots. This is the perfect solution for reducing water and fertilizer usage, lowering room humidity, reducing weed growth, powdery mildew, algae and fungus gnats.


  • 10cm size = 300/cs (fits 4" starter blocks)
  • 15cm size = 125/cs (fits 1 Gallon open top Coco Bags)


  • With the option for the grower to use just one or both of the beveled irrigation nipples, accommodating any and all popular size propagation hoses
  • Two irrigation entrees permanently attached to the cap and four exit holes allowing for maximum water coverage
  • Perfect drip feed solution, eliminating the need for drip stakes
  • Opens up down the middle with a rear hinge and locks in place

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