King Palm Rollies - Case

King Palm Rollies - Case


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There are times where you may want to roll a blunt and just enjoy the natural flavor of the herbs that you have decided to include in your blunt. When you’re seaking a more natural flavour, rely on a King Palm Rollie.


  • Each product is hand-rolled to ensure you get the quality that you need to create a perfect blunt, every time.
  • King Palm uses only natural materials when they produce these rollies, which means you do not have to worry about chemicals or any other toxic ingredients when using our rollies.


  • Kings: Holds 2 grams of herbs, 5 Pack (15/case)
  • Slims: Holds 1.5 grams of herbs, 5 Pack (15/case)
  • Minis: Holds 1 gram of herbs, 5 Pack (15/case), 25 Pack (8/case)
  • Rollies: Holds 0.5 grams of herbs, 5 Pack (15/case)

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