Aroya TEROS ONE Add-On Kit - EC/VWC Substrate Sensor (2 Sensors)
Aroya TEROS ONE Add-On Kit - EC/VWC Substrate Sensor (2 Sensors)
Aroya TEROS ONE Add-On Kit - EC/VWC Substrate Sensor (2 Sensors)

Aroya TEROS ONE Add-On Kit - EC/VWC Substrate Sensor (2 Sensors)


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TEROS ONE Sensor Kit (2 substrate sensors for GO system)

Dial in drybacks and master precision irrigation with a new sensor design that measures what others cannot. 

  • substrate flexibility
  • unrivaled EC & WC accuracy
  • compare run data

One sensor. Three metrics. No weaknesses. 

TEROS ONE's new design completely reimagines how substrate data is collected, giving growers precise and accurate readings in zones other sensors simply can't measure at all. 

TEROS ONE's patented breakthrough technology makes it possible to reliably compare harvest groups grown in different facilities, compare two runs of the same strain grown at different times, and compare readings taken from two different substrate types - and that's only the beginning. 

Here is a comparison of substrate sensor accuracy



  • Remarkably precise substrate electrical conductivity measurements: AROYA’s patented new sensor technology produces data 10x more precise than other sensor designs, even in high-salinity environments. Dial in your nutrient levels with no hesitation.
  • Water content and volumetric water content measurements: Master irrigation, maximize growth, minimize nutrient leaching – and replicate it perfectly every grow cycle.
  • Substrate temperature measurements: Ensure the right levels of moisture intake, nutrient absorption, and growth by managing ideal root zone temperatures.
  • Continuous, reliable data: TEROS sensors take readings and sync them to the AROYA platform every three minutes, 24/7, to give you a clear and complete picture.
  • Less cost, more capability: After millions of dollars in R&D investment and seven years of testing, we’ve done it: Created a new TEROS that’s better than its predecessor and still costs less. Win-win. Win.
  • Built for AROYA: Connects seamlessly to AROYA software for both AROYA GO and AROYA CORE users. Syncs data automatically and reliably.
  • Rugged, long lasting design: Built with resilient epoxy fill, corrosion-resistant stainless steel needles, and tough, securely-attached cables to last years of cultivation.
  • Energy efficient for years of battery life: TEROS’ economical design helps AROYA NOSE data relay devices boast a 3+ year battery life.
  • Easy installation for perfectly consistent data: Sharp stainless steel needles slide easily into any growing medium.
  • Stress-free substrate-specific calibration: We did the complicated stuff already. Simply select your grow media the AROYA app and TEROS will automatically calibrate itself to give the most precise readings.
  • Space-saving hardware design: We packed more capability into fewer sensor needles to make TEROS ONE smaller than previous versions, but even more powerful.
  • Limited sensor variability: The included sensor alignment tool ensures reliable and repeatable data from plant to plant and season to season.


  • A two pack of the the TEROS ONE substrate sensors connected to one AROYA Nose for wireless integration. The AROYA TEROS ONE substrate sensor brings advanced sensing to your grow. Utilizing dielectric measurements, it precisely monitors volumetric water content, pore water EC, and temperature in your root zone. The improved accuracy helps optimize irrigation strategies and crop steering. Overcoming limitations of other sensors, the TEROS ONE measures pore water EC up to 20 dS/m independently of volumetric water content. Paired with an AROYA node for wireless integration, it records data every 3 minutes for remote access through your AROYA system. Get powerful insights to dial in your environment with the AROYA TEROS ONE.


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