6 liter EVault
6 liter EVault
6 liter EVault
6 liter EVault

6 liter EVault


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6 liter evault

Constructed with Upgraded 316 stainless steel. Cost effective for packaging

  • ¼ inch wide food grade silicone ring to ensure seal.
  • Latches are engineered to provide a perfect seal; locking in product freshness.


  • 6 Liter | 6 Kgs


Over the past year, we have received requests to come up with a storage solution for extracted plant material. Our research indicated 316 stainless steel containers are widely used in the pharma & chemical industries, for storing liquids or fine powders.

Size Specifications

  • Interior Diameter: 10.25″ or 26 CM
  • Depth / Height: 5.9″ or 15 CM

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