Genetics - Clones and Ready to Flower™ Plants


Well-positioned within the industry, Klonetics specializes in industrial-scale cannabis tissue culture propagation, Ready to Plant™ clone plantlets, Ready to Flower™ plants, and advanced genomics and breeding. 
With exclusive access to an extensive selection of proprietary strains, Klonetics provides growers in Canada with 100% sterile packaged plants that provide strong strain genetics for predictable growth and product consistency that is unmatched in the industry.
The Klonetics Advantage:
  • Access the largest strain catalogue in the industry
  • Increase crop yields to meet consumer demands
  • Receive 100% sterile packaged plants
  • Meet Health Canada compliance standards 
  • Maximize your revenue potential

Genetically superior plants that are 100% sterile, no viruses, molds, or pests!

Strain catalogue of more than 10,000 strong!

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