Anden Commercial Dehumidifiers
Anden Commercial Dehumidifiers
Anden Commercial Dehumidifiers
Anden Commercial Dehumidifiers

Anden Commercial Dehumidifiers


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One of the most critical and often overlooked aspects of the successful cultivation of high value crops is the management of humidity levels. Humidity levels are just as important to manage as temperature, moisture, light, CO2, and plant nutrition. Every stage of production starting with seed storage and ending with drying requires a unique humidity level to produce a premium product. Growing operations of all sizes from the hobbyist to the large-scale commercial and wholesale producer need adequate and proper environmental controls to achieve these targeted and optimal levels.

Fortunately for the wide range of growers and crops, there is an equally wide range of dehumidifying equipment on the market made specifically with the grower in mind. That equipment is made by the folks at Anden. Anden designs and builds environmental controls built for cultivation by using reliable components for the extreme ranges often found in a grow room environment. Why do you need an Anden dehumidifier in your grow room? You cannot expect good results from your crop without dehumidifying the environment it grows in.

Why Dehumidification in Your Grow Room is so Important

If for no other reason than to improve yields, dehumidification of the grow room should be a priority. It does much more than that though. By managing the humidity levels of a grow room, such measures as potency levels, flavors and total mass can be increased as well if humidity is properly managed. This is all of course easier said than done; it does require some management and the proper equipment to achieve.

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