Breeder List

With exclusive access to the largest selection of proprietary strains, Growhaus has partnered exclusively with Klonetics to provide growers in Canada with 100% sterile packaged plants that provide strong strain genetics for predictable growth and product consistency that is unmatched in the industry.
Klonetics specializes in industrial-scale cannabis tissue culture propagation, Ready to Plant™ clone plantlets, Ready to Flower™ plants, and advanced genomics and breeding for growers across Canada.

Using best in class genetics and breeding technology, Klonetics Ready to Plant™ clones and Ready to Flower™ plants will be far superior to traditionally used plant clones and techniques. With the ability to control every aspect of the cannabis plant genetics, Klonetics will effectively reproduce in vitro, 100% disease, mold and pest-free plantlets that are genetically identical for consistent plant compositions and characteristics.

With access to the world's largest selection of varietals, Klonetics additionally will provide private and white label production services to the following Health Canada Licensed Cannabis Cultivators; 
  • Licensed Producers
  • Licensed Micro-Producers 
  • ACMPR Medical Home Growers

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